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At Cool Bananas we are delighted to say that all of our absolutely delicious and nutritious meals, prepared based on your child’s daily recommended food requirements, are supplied fresh daily, by Hearty Health!

Hearty Health – the Healthy Alternative in Childcare Catering

Hearty Health are the pioneers of Childcare catering and have been providing nutritious meals to children in Childcare since the year 2000. Their philosophy is simple – to encourage healthy eating patterns by creating healthy eating habits. Hearty Health ensures that the very best meals are provided to your child which are not only cooked by chefs in a professional kitchen, but are delicious as well.

Below is information from the Hearty Health website which outlines their philosophy and process. If you have queries about this fantastic service that we are utilising, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

What sets Hearty Health apart?

  • Hearty Health only employ qualified chefs to prepare all menus and meals for children in Childcare in their Class A HACCP certified kitchens that comply with the FSANZ Australian Food Standards Code.

  • Hearty Health have an unprecedented passion for providing fresh seasonal produce to children in an attempt to create healthy eating habits for life.

  • Hearty Health cook fresh seasonal meals every day which are delivered directly to Childcare Centre fridges within 24 hours by our very own Hearty Health delivery drivers.

  • Fruits and vegetables are sliced ready for children to enjoy with all meals cooked from scratch every day including dips, baked goods and hot lunches.

  • Seasonal menus prepared by qualified chefs
  • Expertise in catering for children with allergies
  • Comply with Health and Safety rules and regulations
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Track record and reputation in the industry

Allergies and Cultural Preferences

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A key focus of Hearty Health is to provide safe, delicious and nutritious food to all children especially those with food allergies, food preferences and cultural requirements.

Hearty Health are the only caterers that prepare a separate four week seasonal menu for allergen children to ensure there is no cross contamination and that children that fall into this category still enjoy all the tastes and benefits of our services.

Importantly, all Hearty Health kitchens are free of nuts, eggs and pork.

The Hearty Health Menu

Hearty Health expertly design a four week rotational seasonal menu to ensure variety and that all nutritional requirements are met.

All Hearty Health menus:

  • are developed by our qualified chefs with a variety of textures, flavours and ingredients, in consultation with nutritionists.

  • ensure that children are meeting the recommended dietary requirements every day they are in care.

  • contain no preservatives or artificial colourings.

  • are prepared with reduced salt and sugar and are developed for a child’s palate.

  • offer a wide selection of baked goods and freshly sliced fruit and vegetables with morning and afternoon tea.

Hearty Health’s healthy and balanced meals meet prescribed dietary guidelines for growing children.

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